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Interview with Bottle Cap Jen.

April 29, 2011

Upcycle á la Mode is back this week with a long overdue interview!
I decided to do a blurb style quote as a filler for my traditional Q&A style interview posts.
This week it’s 10-year crafter, and Phoenix dweller, BottleCapJen.

Jen makes all of her jewelry out of old bottle caps, some old, some new.

All are adorable and can easily fit into any young girl or mature woman’s wardrobe!

“I love creating new items, and new twists to using a bottle cap. It’s sometimes hard to juggle my family and trying to keep up with the shop. But it makes me feel good when people purchase my items!” -Jen

“I like using Etsy, because instead of a store, its always open. I can check my emails periodically throughout the day. I prefer online sales! I am not sure about the future, right now I am happy with how my business is running. Its just me, and I have plenty of orders to constantly keep me busy!” -Jen

Mozy on over to Jen’s Etsy page and check out her large connection of bottle cap inspired jewelry!

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