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3 Good Reasons to Love Upcycle Living.

March 24, 2011

If you live, work, or are in downtown Phoenix regularly, it might be safe to say you have passed by the place.

If you have, you must have thought to yourself “What the heck is that.”

That, dear reader, is Upcycle Living.

Situated meekly on Roosevelt and 5th Streets, one of Upcycle Living’s model homes has bound to have caused curious motorists to take a second look.  Created by Jason Anderson (left below) and Ashton Wolfswinkel (right below) in 2008, Upcycle Living is a company aimed at providing affordable, quality, green housing options. The housing is made from repurposing used steel shipping containers into residential homes, office spaces, and disaster relief shelters among others. Mike Duffy (center below) joined Anderson and Wolfswinkel and the rest of the Upcycle team in 2009, and Upycle Living has since then offered their creation and eco-friendly designs to Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. These local boys have green inspiration and want to give everyone the opportunity to literally live green. Here’s a few reasons why you should love Upcycle Living:

1. Reuse, reuse, reuse…

Forget just recycling, upcycle! I know these terms for “living green” and “helping the environment” have been spinned every which way, but upcycling is the new recycling. If you’re a green enthusiast, why not make your home completely green, and rejoice in the fact that your dwelling has been converted into something useful.

2. Easy on your wallet…

These utterly cool containers are quite a step down from even the lowest of homes selling on today’s real estate market. With claims of producing sturdy and beautifully designed plans for about 2/3 less than that of traditional commercial homes, who wouldn’t want to take them up on it.

3. Channel your inner minimalist…

Who needs lengthy meetings about where the fireplace will go, or how many square feet it is from the bedroom to the kitchen. Upcycle Living’s simple yet effortlessly cozy floor plans will have everyone believing “less is more.” While multi-story plans are available, the second floor on top of the base container doesn’t seem to look stuffy or container-like at all. Say hello to this generation’s new ‘loft.’

Upcycle Living’s main office is in Tempe, if your not centrally located, and has model tours by appointment.

Interested? Visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.

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