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Meet Sticker Club Girl: Part II

March 3, 2011

This week, Upcycle á la Mode brings you Part II in Meet Sticker Club Girl, featuring a lovely Q and A style interview with the Phoenix artist, enjoy!

















Lisa Jacobs c/o The Phoenix New Times.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I am a Phoenix based artist and a native. I grew up crafting and studied art in college. In 2001 I finished two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, both from Northern Arizona University. I work as a full time art teacher as well as being an artist. My business name is  Sticker Club Girl and is all about handmade, upcycled and vintage goods, community art night, arts and crafts workshops, and events. My line of hand crafted goods are made by sewing, dying, printing, embroidery, crochet, felting, book binding, wire wrapping, collage and more. My Sticker Club Girl line of products are made from authentic vintage fabric, upcycled materials, retro notions, and found objects, along with the finest in modern arts and crafts materials. These handmade items are one-of-a-kind, due to the limited  nature of the supplies and the individual details crafted into each piece.

Q:  What got you started in “upcycling” clothes and other things?

A: Aside from my addiction to crafting, I also have a small obsession with thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and antique malls. I started by buying things for myself that needed repair, adjustment, or modernization, and eventually grew this into a business. I love the problem solving that is required to rework an old item into a completely new product. kitschy retro fabric and notions inspire me, so now as I sell my handmade goods, I mostly use upcycled materials or overstock that is vintage, yet has never been used before. I think that repurposing things is also very important in this day and age, because there is so much that is thrown away unnecessarily. Our resources are dwindling and our refuse is growing exponentially, so every little bit of reuse is important.

Q:  How would you describe your inspiration or style when making clothes?

A: Inspiration come to me from the world as it moves around me. All the colors and patterns, textures and even smells that are experienced throughout a lifetime return as new ideas. I think this is why I love finding clothing, jewelry, fabric, buttons, and trinkets from other eras, they bring back memories that are attached to ideas that become renewed.

Q:  What advice would you give for those who are looking to do the same kind of crafting but have no idea where to start?

A: Getting started in upcycled crafting is easy. There are many places in town that offer classes and workshops. I offer classes and workshops in my new space Sticker Club Girl studio/boutique at the Bragg’s Pie Factory on Grand Ave. and A.ware is a new space on Central that offers classes. There are amazing tutorials online. The web is full of learning opportunities. Websites like and all have great ideas. I have done one video tutorial on how to make paper, it was filmed by Becky Stern of Craft Magazine and can be seen on craftzine and YouTube. My favorite way to learn is through the hundreds of books and magazines that are available.

Q:  Where or how would you like to see your shop/craft expand in the future?

A: Right now, my focus is on the new space at Bragg’s Pie. My handmade, vintage, and reconstructed clothing, crafts, and supplies are available along with art night, classes, and workshops. In the near future I will have my etsy shop up and running. There will also be more events, like the Coffee, Cookies, and Crafts indie handmade festival that I have been working on with Kate Benjamin from Modern Cat and Meghan Oleson from Lucky 15.

Q:  Speaking of collaborations, what other artists inspire you?

A: There are so many artists and entrepreneurs that have influenced my thinking about art, craft, creation, and business. I think that local artists, and my peers have had the greatest affect on me, because I have been able to meet them, speak with them, and have artistic and social interaction with them.

Q:  Would you like to eventually make your clothing or upcycling into a full-time gig?

A: It would be lovely to be a full time artist.

Q:  Any last thoughts on upcycling in general, i.e. importance of re-purposing things within the creative or general community?

A: Clothing and supply swap parties are a great way to keep things circulating, instead of being disposed of. Getting together with crafty friends to trade clothing and ideas is fun. Plus, if you work on upcycling while you are there together, you can come up with ideas to fix and adorn things. You can make one of a kind signature pieces, you can leave with lots of new additions to your wardrobe, and help the environment, for free.

A big thanks goes out to Stick Club Girl herself for sharing her kinds words. Don’t forget to check out her website at or if you’re in the Phoenix area, visit the studio at Bragg’s Pie Factory, located at 1301 NW Grand Ave.

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